About once a week I get a call asking if I can come and fix a dodgy glass fence job, or install a fence for someone who’s bought some materials to ‘DIY glass fence’.  Unfortunately, as we all know, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”, so mostly I’m not able to assist.  We use first class materials and I won’t even try to turn bad materials into a great job, it can’t be done!

Sometimes good materials are installed badly, as in the photo’s here.  Using screws to hold posts to wooden deck is never going to provide a solid job, especially soft wood as in this instance.  Even if the installers just didn’t know any better!? they are not qualified to be doing this work.

In summary, even if it looks good on the outside, not everything is as it seems.  Check the fence – if it wobbles around alarmingly, don’t pay for it!  In this instance the home owner had concerns, but paid for the job.  When problems arose they could not get the installers to come and fix it.

A customer of mine asked me, “What warranty do you have on your work?”.  I replied, “if you have a problem with the fence call me and I’ll fix it”.  Before the concrete had time to dry there was a storm with high winds that moved a post. He called the next day, concerned that we would not fix it promptly – we were back that night, from memory a Saturday night in the howling wind and rain, and fixed the post.

If you look at our prices, you will find that they are about 10% more than companies who use contractors to install.  For that extra 10% you get courtesy, respect, and timely service – all of which equal peace of mind.  I think it’s 10% well spent.

This is what it looks like when done right.

2 Responses to “glass fence buyers beware!”

  1. Cambridge Fencing 22. Apr, 2010 at 22:53 #

    There’s an old UK saying of “buy cheaply, buy twice”.

    The finished photo’s you have put up show how fantastic this type of fencing can be. We are starting to see alot of installed around deckings/roof top gardens.

    A nice post and a great looking finish….

  2. Sarah Jain 22. Dec, 2011 at 23:55 #

    Glass pool fencing job must be done perfectly otherwise thy will cost more for bad fittings. Your last picture defines what I am indicating about perfection.